Type Definitions


type: string
"ok" // if everything is alright
"partial" // if the service is experiencing partial disconnects / issues
"timeout" // do not send. Used internally if no status was reported
"offline" // do not send. Used internally if no status was reported
"rebooting" // send once on server startup
"fatal" // send if a fatal error occured that requires human interaction


interface GameInfo {
urls: {
default: string, // The url to use
browser: string, // A url that opens in the browser. Should almost always be the same as "default".
client?: string, // A url that opens in the related desktop client.
org: string // The original url. The other links above might get anonymous ctr analytics in the future. We will let you know in advance once this change happens.
url: string // Proxy url. DEPRECATED, use urls.default
org_url: string // Direct url. Please use the "url" field for href. DEPRECATED, use
title: string // Game's title
org_price: { // Price before the discount
euro: number
dollar: number
price: { // Price after the discount
euro: number
dollar: number
thumbnail: {
org: string // Url to the original thumbnail image
blank: string // Proxied and properly cropped thumbnail image
full: string // Proxied image with all available extra info
tags: string // Proxied image with game tags above thumbnail
kind: ProductKind // What kind of product it is
tags: string[] // Tags for the game, mostly genres
description?: string // Short description about the game
rating?: number // A rating for the game. Might not be included if no ratings were found
notice?: string // An optional text filed with additional information provided by our team
until?: number // UNIX timestamp in seconds (time / 1000) of the moment the offer expires
store: @Store // Game's store
flags: @GameFlags // Flags
type: @AnnouncementType // Type of announcement
store_meta: {
steam_subids: string // Empty if store !== "steam". Contains subids divided by a space otherwise.
localized?: { // Only present if requested
'en-US': LocalizedGameInfo
...: LocalizedGameInfo


interface LocalizedGameInfo {
lang_name: string
lang_name_en: string
lang_flag_emoji: string
platform: string
claim_long: string
claim_short: string
free: string
header: string
footer: string
org_price_eur: string
org_price_usd: string
until: string
until_alt: string
flags: string[]


type: string


type: string


type: number/bitfield
enum GameFlag {
TRASH = 1 << 0, // Low quality game
THIRDPARTY = 1 << 1, // Third party key provider


type: string